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09-20-2019: Healthcare Excellence in Leadership Program:

The MMA partnered with FutureSync, International (specialists in leadership development and strategic planning) to create a leadership training program for Montana healthcare providers  that also highlights healthcare issues facing Montana.



As physicians, our focus and commitment is ensuring our patients receive the highest quality of care they can receive. Achieving that level of care leaves little time to fight the battles that face the health care profession, which include legislation, regulation, technology, data and an assortment of other issues.

- We improve patient care through legislative advocacy
- We build relationships with key offices and policy makers
- We monitor and comment on proposed rule changes
- We operate the MTMedPAC Political Action Committee
- We carry the message of the physicians at the Capitol

The stronger our membership, the great our reach.  When policymakers don't fully understand how their decisions affect our practices and our patients,  The Association takes notice and unites to form or prevent legislation.
Our Legislative Committee is comprised of physicians from all areas of Montana and various medical specialties. Guided by our MMA Lobbyists, our Legislative Committee is active during each legislative session and throughout the interim.  We lobby on over 100 bills every session, comment on proposed rule amendments, educate healthcare providers on legislative impact and communicate with our local legislators, press and membership.



- We provide a web-based medical education platform: 
     - Prescription Drug Abuse Reduction Course
     - DOT Medical Examiner CDL Training Course
- We coach through our Healthcare Excellence in Leadership Program
- We deliver members with timely practice-impacting communication
     - Rounds & Bison Bullet – E-Newsletter
     - Bulletin – Quarterly Print Publication



- We developed and administer the Healthcare Excellence in Leadership Program
- We foster professional development through Committee & Board leadership roles
- We drive health care initiatives that matter to Montanans
     - Prescription Drug Abuse Reduction Initiative – “Know Your Dose”
     - Montana’s Choosing Wisely Program
     - Physician Data Integrity
     - Tele-Health



- We localize physician collegiality through MMA Chapters - Geographical Medical Societies
- We offer you a platform to participate in physician health care initiatives
- We support physician educational programs and the WWAMI program through our Foundation
- We manage a private online physician directory for your ability to contact other physicians
- We bring physicians together through Annual & Interim Membership Meetings



- MMA Health Care Plan & Trust medical insurance program for your practice
- DocBookMD - HIPAA Secure physicians communication application
- Practice promotion through MMA Directory of Physicians and Member-only online directory
- Discounts:
     - Medical Malpractice Insurance –MedPro and The Doctors Company
     - Employment contract reviews
     - Accounts receivable management
     - Tamper-resistant Rx Pads and Paper
     - Office Depot products

To renew your membership or become a member, please click here or call (406) 443-4000.