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09-28-2018: Hard-Wiring Leadership Excellence in Medicine:

Hard-Wiring Leadership
Excellence in Medicine

September 28-29, 2018 Fairmont, MT

Award Criteria
Nominations should include nominee’s current title, organization, contact information, and qualifications for the award. A nominee does not need to be a physician or be currently employed in a health care field. Qualifications include:
  1. Demonstrated commitment to service and dedication to patient health care. Has initiated efforts or taken actions to improve health care in Montana. This might include the lending of their expertise, donating of time, or participating in efforts to improve health care.
  2. Seen as a health care leader with substantive involvement in community, state, or national policy efforts and/or groups whose focus is to improve health care delivery or the general health status of Montanans. 
  3. Current or past relationship with the MMA.
Nominations for the award shall be submitted to the Executive Committee by June 18th.
Please Submit an award nomination form along with a letter of nomination to: MMA Executive Committee, 2021 Eleventh Avenue, Ste. 1, Helena, MT 59601
Contact MMA Executive Office for additional information at 406/443-4000 or by email at

Big Sky Care Connect is Looking for individuals, leaders of their organizations, who share our vision and are ready to participate and promote the state HIE as a Board of Director.

If you are interested in helping us advance health care in Montana, please return a completed application to Big Sky Care Connect, 2021 11th Ave, Ste 1, Helena, MT. You can also email the application to or by fax to
406-443-4042 by June 15, 2018. 

Should you have any questions or concerns please contact us at or 406-443-4000. These Directors will be selected by the Organizing Board of Big Sky Care Connect and will serve an initial term of up to three years during which they are to be committed to attend board meetings, help determine and advance Big Sky Care Connect mission and purpose, and ensure the organization’s legal and ethical integrity and maintain accountability. 

Click Here for the Application

Now Recruiting for 2018-2019 Physician Leadership series. Please consider being a part of the next leadership series.

The program consists of seven sessions that focus on developing core leadership skills in a powerful and personal way. These topics include strategic thinking, financial stewardship, relationship management and advanced critical thinking skills. The sessions are designed to engage and unite participants. Physicians will learn practical and action-oriented skills to effectively lead in their practice or healthcare organization.

The training is limited to 25 health care professionals, and applications must be turned in by June 29, 2018.  In addition to physicians, the MMA invites applications from physician assistants, advanced nurse practitioners, and dentists.

Click here to download the application
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